The New Blog

So…… I try again. Almost two years since my first faltering attempts to set up a blog I am re-approaching the challenge with all the grace and finesse of a pregnant swan landing on choppy water. What will I write about – who knows? I will at least try to stick to things that I know, understand or have a remarkably high level of self-opinion on, even when tempered by an equally remarkable high level of ignorance. I think that if I succeed in making it at least readable, I can take that as a measure of some success.

What do I do – I am a Deputy Headteacher (Vice Principle) in a wonderful school, filled with kind, generous and caring people – both young and old. It is often fun, frequently funny and always different. No two days are ever the same and I know that the work we do will aid and support the life chances of those we work with and everyone the come into contact with.

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