Shoesmith vs Balls

So Ms Shoesmith has won her appeal against her dismissal and I, for one, am extremely glad. Not – let me hasten to add – because I don’t believe she should have been held accountable. The buck stopped with her and it was right and proper that she lost her job as a result of the terrible tragedy of Baby P’s death. No – the reason I am glad she won is because it has exposed what many people already knew. Ed Balls’ unilateral action, without allowing her the right to defence or appeal and without access to the information that he, apparently, made his decision on; demonstrates just how arrogant and ignorant a leading member of the former Government could be. To further reinforce that by proudly claiming he would do the same again, immediately after the High court has ruled his actions unlawful, is  typical of a man who should not be allowed to hold public office – abuse of power is too much of a temptation for some.

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