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And the winner is…..

So the wonderfully gifted Bradley Wiggins has won the public vote and been crowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Richly deserved, even with competition stiffer than Jeremy Hunt ‘s smile when in the same room as Rupert Murdoch. Remarkable … Continue reading

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We make no apology…….

Regular followers of my little blog will have noticed a slight hiccup in postings of late. Thanks to a plague of various ailments, all my energies have had to be directed toward the day job, so my apologies. That’s how … Continue reading

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A very public betrayal

I think it would be fair to say that the topic of this blog will, no doubt, be covered by a great many others. Many will be better connected than me and, in all probability, most will be more eloquent. … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Laws

Imaginary response: Dear Mr Laws. In response to your bullets 1) um…why not just make the GCSE do the job they are there to do, then? Is it because Michael and his friends at the Daily Mail (the unofficial communication … Continue reading

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